How much will it cost?

This will depend on whether you choose an 'Essential', 'Plus' or 'Premium' Wedding Website. You can view a full feature and price comparison on our Pricing Page.

Are there any monthly fees?

Noope. When you purchase your wedding website this is a once-off fee.

Can we add and remove options on the RSVP form?

With our 'Premium' Wedding Websites, the RSVP is fully customisable. We work directly with you as a couple to get your RSVP looking exactly how you want it! 'Premium' Wedding Websites are perfect for couples who want finer control of their RSVP in terms of adding your own questions and options. Our 'Essential' Wedding Website is perfect for couples who don't wish to modify their RSVP form.

Do we need to create an account before we can create our wedding website?

No, we don't ask you to set up an account before you create your website. Filling in one simple form with your basic wedding info (wedding date, your names and email for collecting RSVPS) is all you need to do to create your site! Click here to view this form.

Can we change details on the site after the wedding website goes live?

Yes, this one of the main advantages of having a wedding website. Any info which changes, you can update this right up to the big day itself. You can use the 'Update Your Website' button at the bottom of this website. Updates are free and you can update your website as much as you like. Please note our 'Plus' and 'Premium' site are the plans which allow for having your wedding info. Our 'Essential' plan is RSVP only.

A Wedding Website from OurBigDayInfo is the perfect way to guarantee 100% communication with your guests on all your big day info and details.

What happens if we would like to include a 'Gift Registry' on our wedding website?

Yes, you can easily link to your registry once your wedding website is created. Simply go to the 'Update Your Website' page and paste in your registry website address. Alternatively email us the link for your gift registry to contact@ourbigdayinfo.com Your registry section will then be added to your wedding site. Linking to a Gift Registry is available on our 'Plus' and 'Premium' plans.

What will our wedding website address be?

Your address is easily figured out. If your names are Jennifer and Craig, your website address will be:


If you are a 'Plus or 'Premium' customer YOU will decide what you address will be for your personal .com domain.

Can we make our wedding site address a personal one using a .com domain?

Yes absolutely. For example, if your names are Jennifer and Craig, you may want your wedding site address to be www.jenandcraigwedding.com All 'Premium' Wedding Websites include a personal .com domain. However the good news is, at the moment, you can also avail of having a .com address even if you are a 'Plus' user. We are giving away .com domains with all 'Plus' plans for FREE! (Limited time offer read our Offers page for more details).

How long will it take before we see our wedding website?

Not that long - we guarantee that once you submit your details your wedding website will be live within 24hrs! Some wedding websites can go live in as little as 5 minutes.

Will our wedding website display on mobile and tablet?

Yes, all our wedding websites are completely mobile and tablet friendly!

How do I create our wedding website?

Simply click the 'Get Started' link at the top of this page and fill in the simple form on the right hand side of the page which follows with your basic wedding details.

Is your website secure?

Our website uses SSL Technology which ensures that your details and once-off payment is 100% encrypted and safe.

We wish to collect donations towards our honeymoon fund. Do you offer this feature?

Yes, our 'Premium' plan allows couples to collect donations. For example, your honeymoon fund. All that is required for this feature is a valid PayPal email address. Payments made by guests go directly to the couple's PayPal account.


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