How To Word Your Wedding Invitations
To Include Your Wedding Website Address

It's one thing creating your wedding website for your big day, but how do you direct your guests to it so that they can read your big day information and also RSVP on your site.

Wedding Invites & Wedding Sites Are Best Friends

A wedding website's best friend is your wedding invitation. Why? Because it is the perfect place to mention to your guests your wedding website address. The majority of couples will use paper invitations, whilst some may choose to invite their guests electronically, via email, or even use an online service such as Paperless Post.

Your wedding invitations are the perfect place to inform guests about your wedding website. Pic credit:

How To Word Your Invites

So what wording can be used to convery your wedding address to your guests on a paper invite? There are a few approaches you can take. However, one approach which is key to ensuring your wedding guests visit your wedding website - is telling them the benefit of doing so. It is little point in saying 'Visit our wedding website here', or, 'Our wedding website can be viewed at'. You need to tell your wedding guest the reason WHY they should do so. One of your primary reasons is to get your guest to RSVP on your wedding website. The wording doesn't have to be long. It can be short and to the point.

Here are some examples:

RSVP Online at

Read our big day info and RSVP at

Visit our wedding site and RSVP:

Kindly let us know if you attending:

Send Your RSVP Here:

Easily Send Your RSVP Here:

Are you in? RSVP here:

Where To Place This On Your Invitation

We have found the best location for this wording on paper invites, is the bottom of your wedding invitations. Try to include it on the same side as the invitation wording itself. Don't make the mistake of putting it on the opposite side of the invite - as some guests may not even turn the invitation over to see it! They will then miss out on seeing your wedding site address, and therefore not know they can read your big day info and RSVP on your wedding site.

Let us know what which wording you will use on your invites in the comments area below!

Don't have a wedding website yet?

To create your wedding site simply use the 'Create Your Site' form below to create your wedding site.


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